.“[Tammi] is one of the best speech therapists I ever had the privilege to work with.”

  —Kelly Hall
Parent of four children, three of whom have cochlear implants

Aural Habilitation

  • Methods for maximizing oral speech and language and auditory skills are implemented
  • Parent- infant therapy and individual therapy sessions are offered
  • Pre- and Post-Cochlear Implant speech and language evaluations and rehabilitation are offered

Parent-Infant Training

  • Parents are empowered and supported in their efforts to promote the development of their child's speech, language, and listening skills in as natural a way as possible
  • Instructional programming encompasses planning for development of speech, language, listening, personal/social, cognitive, gross motor, fine motor, and self-help skills
  • Handouts, verbal instruction, and demonstrations are integral parts of weekly training sessions

Individual Therapy

  • Child-therapist instruction is personalized to meet the individual child's and family's needs
  • Goals are developed documented and progress reports are provided approximately every 12 months
  • Weekly home assignments encourage generalization of skills
  • Parent participation is strongly recommended in order to provide the most effective use of therapy and accomplishment of therapy goals.

Speech and Language Evaluations

  • A comprehensive assessment of the child's current communication skills generally takes approximately 3 hours and is recommended to take place over two or more sessions
  • A written report summarizing the findings is completed within 4-6 weeks of the evaluation
  • A post-evaluation consultation is scheduled to discuss the evaluation findings and recommendations for future management
  • Goals and objectives are recommended as part of the follow-up to the evaluation


  • Workshops are offered to groups of parents or caregivers on a variety of topics, including auditory, speech and language stimulation
  • Workshops are offered to groups of parents or caregivers on a variety of topics related to hearing loss

Consultations & Inservice

  • Information on issues such as educational needs of children with communication challenges, hearing loss, and communication development and/or disorders is presented to families and institutions
  • Consultations with families and/or professionals regarding individual children

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"Creating a personalized and comprehensive approach to identify and treat children with communication challenges."

Tammi Bailey, M.A., CCC-SLP
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